"Retractable Awnings, Window & Patio Awnings
in Canvas & Aluminum"

If you are looking for retractable awnings or window and patio awnings, our directory can refer you to several leading awnings suppliers. These awnings are nice looking and priced to fit your budget. Which of these awnings suppliers will serve you best?

Our awnings directory contains information about all types of awnings like retractable awnings, sunsetter awnings and camper awnings. We have listed suppliers of home awnings as well as outdoor awnings. If you cannot find the provider for your exact requirements, feel free to enter specific details in the following search box and we can locate a company which will fulful your requirements better.

Awnings are a cost-effective way to shade one's deck or courtyard, even sash windows, that also adds up worth, excitement and hours of enjoyment to a home. Awnings can be best defined as a designer projection that renders protection from environmental factors, individuality & adornment to the ambience.

An awning is comprised of a lightweight rigid skeletal structure over which a fabric cover is fastened to shelter windows, doors, decks and walkways and is completely upheld by the building to which it is attached.

Classification of Awnings

A. According to decorative usage:

  • Window awnings - You can purchase your awnings according to the specific dimensions of the window and it promises to add a new dimension of one's abode along with protection from the sun's glare.

  • Yard awnings - With quality deck awnings, one can turn the outdoor sitting into a beautiful experience.

There is a huge variety of awning types, sizes, and styles available in the market, which can be used to beat the heat and enjoying the refreshing feeling of being outdoors.

B. According to the material of construction:

C. According to structure and design:

  • Residential Awnings

  • Commercial awnings

  • Awnings with solid valence

  • Concave and convex

  • Dome Design

  • Patio Awning

  • Metal awnings

  • Entrance canopies

D. According to Fixures

Fixed - The fixed awnings are not to be removed and refixed regularly and are relatively cheaper because they do not need the expensive retraction module. The shape and size can be according to the location where it is to be installed.

Retractable - If you've got a patio or deck that you want to enjoy but the summer sun sometimes gets in the way, then a retractable awning is definitely the way to go. The retractable awnings can be folded back or extended as per the need. For an even more luxurious life, you can install an awning with a Somfy motor system. Somfy allows you the luxury of extending and retracting your awning at the push of a button. Some systems even include a climate or wind sensor, so when the temperature reaches a certain point, or the wind is a bit too brisk, your awning will retract or extend automatically.

E. Miscellaneous Awnings:

  • Backlit Awnings

  • Fascia Bands & Signs

  • Custom Structures & Protectors

  • Hydraulic skylight systems

  • Slide on wire systems

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Facts that should be considered before selecting a awning:

  • Select an awning, which comes with a strong structure, molded from a sturdy metal. It should be constructed of either strong steel or tough wooden beams, which indeed makes them last a life-time.

  • The structure should be treated for rust and casual wear and tear.

  • The fabric should be waterproof, fire-resistant and UV-resistant, in order to ensure maximum protection.

  • The height of awning is generally tall enough to allow even tall people to stand straight up in but before buying, one must make sure they are of the required height.

  • It should come with the ease of set-up.